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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
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Hey, chin up. Sure, you might be having some difficulty in your adventure thus far, but it always looks up, right?

How about you try this one on for size?

You're happily minding your own business when all of a sudden something very light and very yellow bounces off of your head.

"It may drop out of the sky suddenly" says a random Pokedex from nowhere.

You turn to enquire into this strange happening. There before you, you see an odd Sunkern. It has red eyes and only possesses a single leaf. And it is very angry.

A wild Sunkern appeared!
Ready to put up one hell of a fight.

Perhaps more luck with this one, eh?~

wow uh wha-


Upon landing, Sunkern immediately fires off a MASSIVE SOLARBEAM. You begin to fall, but catch the ground and do a SUPERCOOL BACKFLIP instead. Brobat wasn't as quick to dodge and was caught in the blast.

> Steak: Mourn over the loss of your trusted companion.

Get real, man! Brobat shakes off the effects of the SolarBeam due to its INCREDIBLE NATURAL RESISTANCE to Grass-type moves.

> Brobat: Get in and slice that fool up, Samurai-style!

The Zubat swerves through SolarBeams fired at an ANGRILY AND SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE RATE and flies all around Sunkern hacking at it with its wings.


You climb up a tree and then jump off of the tree, heroically throwing the Poke Ball down at Sunkern with FULL FORCE. You can almost hear the unnecessarily guitar-heavy Japanese music blaring in the background...
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