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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Catching Nincada.

After a not-so-fierce battle with the Bug type Pokemon, the Heal Ball that I used to capture it finally stayed still. A waited a few seconds to see whether or not a wild Pokemon would emerge from the device, but none seemed to do so.

I congratulated the Rattata for her effort. "Thanks a bunch, Etitymin!" I petted her on the head, which resulted in a low purr from the Pokemon.

I walked over to the Heal Ball and attached it to my belt. "I think I'll call this one Charcole."

I'd have time to socialise with my new Pokemon tomorrow. For the moment, though, me and Etitymin packed up our camp-site and continued to move forward towards Route 4. Not much, aside from finding items and Pokemon, had occurred over my journey so far. Hopefully something exciting would happen soon.
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