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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/ Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
Lunch Room

Ashley and Matt locked eyes with each other as the entire lunch room seemed to disappear to the two, not knowing that Keiru was right at their side. When Keiru grabbed Matt's arm and pulled it away from Ashley's wrist however the two tributes looked at the other tribute in shock, along with Caroline, Stefan, Jeremy, Kenny, Aria, Katniss and Peeta.

"Do something like this again when I'm around, and I'll tear your arm off. I don't give a f*** about the Peacekeepers here, I will follow through with my threat." Keiru snarled at Matt, his shock turning to one of anger. "And that's just here. In the arena, I'll make you suffer. Your attempts at intimidation are pathetic, and you're too scared to pick somebody who doesn't have others to worry about and can actually focus solely on you."

Matt flinched a little bit when Keiru dug his nails into his arm, Keiru releasing it a few moments later, grabbing his tray and nudging Matt in the shoulder as he walked by. He stopped next to Ashley however, Matt seeing that Keiru was whispering something to her but was unable to hear.

"He is why I shot that arrow in your daughter's direction. She's innocent, and somebody like him would kill her. Others here probably would too. Believe it or not, I don't like threatening children, and I didn't enjoy shooting that arrow at her. I was worried about messing up my shot and actually hitting her, but I wanted to protect her from those looking to kill her, even if we're enemies in this, she's just a bystander, and I won't harm those not involved, and I do not want to see them harmed either." Keiru then grabbed two bowls of ice cream and walked away, bringing Ashley to look at the tribute in shock as his words sank in. After a few moments though she smiled, looking over to Matt as her smile turned into a smirk.

"Nice to see when I'm involved, the Peacekeepers get on my case, but nobody even reacts to that arse when he does something?" Ashley heard Keiru say.

"Well well, looks like the tables have certainly turned." Ashley said as Matt locked eyes with her again. "If I were you, I'd make a pretty damn good alliance with some of the other tributes." She paused and glanced over to Keiru, then back to Matt. "Looks like you just met your match." Ashley turned around and began to walk back towards her table. Matt needed to change up his game of screwing around in Ashley's head, and if his old plan was now failing thanks to the protection of Keiru, then Matt had one more choice to mess with Ashley, this one actually might be even more deadly.

"You know, it's funny how you brought up alliances when in fact you have someone who is going to stab you in the back right in your alliance." Matt's words brought the smirk to leave Ashley's face as she turned around to look at him.

"What are you talking about?" Ashley demanded, Matt's smirk returning when knowing his plan was working.

"Let's just say you have a traitor sitting right at your table as we speak." Matt then walked away after shooting Ichiru a quick glance, the tribute joining his partner at another table. Ashley walked back to her own and sat down, placing the plate of food in front of Aria as she was lost in thought.

"Your wrist." Kenny said in concern when seeing it had already started to bruise.

"It's fine." Ashley responded as she looked to her younger brother, then glancing around to everyone at her table. She couldn't help but Matt's words getting to her, each person who wasn't her family flashing through her head. Ashley knew that Caroline wouldn't betray them simply because they were good friends, which meant that Kiseki wouldn't betray them either simply because of the way he looked at Caroline. It was obvious to Ashley that he liked her, so he wouldn't hurt her, which meant that Stefan wasn't the traitor. Then there was Michael, though throughout the time of everyone being at the Capitol Ashley never saw Matt and Michael talking together.

Ashley's gaze then fell on Ichiru, a troubled look on her face. She remembered last night that him and Matt were left alone on the roof when she left, giving them time to plan something. Then there was Ichiru's offer to protect her in the arena, something that was strange for a tribute to do after only knowing the other tribute for a short amount of time. Ashley realized that it wasn't so strange now if the plan was to betray her...

"Oh my god..." Ashley said as her eyes were still locked on Ichiru, her face going pale as her eyes widened in shock.

"What's wrong?" Caroline asked in alarm, bringing everyone to look at the brunette in question.

"I need some air." Ashley stood up and tore her gaze away from Ichiru, quickly walking towards the exit where she would have to pass Matt's table.

"Figured out who the traitor is?" Matt smirked.

"Go to hell." Ashley growled, exiting the lunch room and making her way towards the roof. Jeremy looked over to Ichiru in confusion, Aria looking to the exit where her mother had just disappeared to.

"What was that all about?" Jeremy asked the other tribute. Up on the roof Ashley paced back and forth, the curly haired brunette being lost in thought once again. How was she supposed to prepare for the Games when Matt had screwed around with her head once again?
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