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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

(OOC: Is it okay if I have a departure and arrival post rather than a traveling post? I really don't plan to have much happen on the train ride to Hearthome ^^' SLOWLY but surely, Zayna's gettin' somewhere xD)

Zayna White
Gear Station, Nimbasa City (Departing to Hearthome [Destination: Capital])

Despite the roaring headache I endured, I gathered my supplies for the journey ahead. I didn’t anticipate a long trip, but as a Trainer I had learned to be prepared for the unexpected. My bag was brimming with an assortment of Pokémon medicine and camping gear, such as potions or rope. I realized after finishing how few personal possessions I actually had. I didn’t let the fact bother me, however. I didn’t really need much, anyway.

Lilly and Sniper had been watching me anxiously as I packed. They knew I was in pain, but not much could stop me when I had a task in mind. Lilly had approached me several times and tried to nudge me towards the armchair, but I had shaken her off. Now that I was finished, the two of them ganged up on me.

“Guys, I’m fine,” I assured them, reaching for my black overcoat on the filing cabinet. Before I could wrap my fingers around its material, Sniper’s leafy tail caught my hand. The Serperior’s red eyes scolded me as he released a slow hiss. Gently, he pulled me away from the cabinet.

“But we’ve got to get going,” I continued to object. Of course, I knew I had fifteen minutes to spare before the sub actually left—but there was important business to attend to! I had to make sure I was leaving the Battle Subway in capable hands. Things tended to fall apart when I wasn’t around.

Lilly came up from behind me and prodded me towards the fold-down bed, joining in on the conspiracy.

Disgusted with both, I relented, “Ugh! Fine—but just for five minutes!”

The Stoutland’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as she wagged her stubby tail, while Sniper hissed with contentment.

Collapsing on the bad, I rolled my eyes at the two. “What am I going to do with you guys?”

In answer, Lilly leapt up beside me and showered me with dog-kisses—the most slobbery of kinds, mind you. I couldn’t keep up the façade of agitation after that; laughing, I fought against her affection and buried my fingers in her woolly fur.

“I don’t think that’s going to help the headache much, Lills,” I teased as I scratched behind her ears. Still, I was grateful for her concern. She and Sniper were my first Pokémon—and they have had my back since the beginning. After calming her down, I closed my eyes and allowed myself a brief moment’s rest.

<I can see why he chose you,> a timid voice entered my mind.

I opened my eyes, glancing around the room. “Makar?”

The Victini suddenly materialized on one of the bookcase’s shelves, looking abashed.

I studied the furry little imp curiously. “Who do you mean?” I asked, thinking of several possibilities.

The orange creature twiddled his fingers together, his blue eyes glancing downward. <Him.>

I pressed my lips into a thin line. Even though he as technically my Pokémon, Makar was still quite a mystery to me. Most of the time, he was as playful and mischievous as a little kid. Yet there were rare times like these when he acted… strange. Whenever I tried to get to the bottom of it, the Victini would only run and hide from me. I eventually gave up on trying to figure him out, but I still hold to the suspicion that the little guy knew more than he was letting on.

Deciding to change the subject, I braved to ask, “Say, Makar? What happened earlier, when Clay was here? I felt like—Makar?”

Before I could finish, the little Victini suddenly squeaked in fright, winking into invisibility.

“Makar!” I jerked forward, only to groan in pain.

<Anger,> the imp’s voice quivered in my mind. <So much anger… He’s searching, but he can’t find it.>

I jumped out bed, throwing away any regard for my suffering. I spun in circles, looking for some trace of the mysterious creature. “Who’s searching? For What? Makar! What is going on?”

<He needs you…> was the only cryptic reply I received.

I clutched at my head, suddenly feeling like the room was spinning around me. I swayed on my feet and stumbled forward; if it hadn’t been for Sniper, I probably would have fallen on my face. The snake Pokémon’s tail caught me just as my world tilted. Bracing myself against the cool scales on his chest, I waited for the red haze to fade from my vision.

“What is wrong with me?” I whispered breathlessly.


Fifteen minutes came and passed; I found myself on at the Hearthome Sub’s platform, subdued but alive. Mostly. The headache had subsided some, but not enough to promise an enjoyable ride.

“Perhaps you should stay,” Emmet coaxed, more aware of my migraine that I wanted him to be. He had walked in on me while I was having a fragile moment. “You could wait until the Capital Sub returns and rest a while.”

“I’ll have plenty of time to rest on the ride over,” I returned, making sure not to shake my head too much. “The sooner we get this sorted, the better.”

Emmet looked unconvinced, but his twin brother nodded respectfully.

“Safe journey, Miss White,” Ingo wished.

“I’ll contact you on the Xtransceiver when I reach the Capital,” I promised them, taking my first steps onto the sub.

“We’ll be looking forward to your call then,” Emmet waved cheerfully.

His brother did not share in the parting, but told me sternly, “Don’t antagonize them, Zayna. We need a compromise, not a fight.”

I narrowed my eyes shrewdly, but I was too exhausted to argue. He was right, anyway. I might fight with them on my own terms, but when it came to the Subway—at least—I needed to be somewhat reasonable. I gave them one last parting word before the doors closed before me, sealing my decision. Now was the point of no return. Straightening my shoulders, I let my hand pass over the PokeBalls strapped to my belt.

“G’day, Miss White!” the engineer greeted as I stepped into the engine room. “Will you be taking any challenges today?” His hand lingered over the intercom, ready to make an announcement.

“Not today, Clint,” I waved dismissively. “It’s a straight shot to Hearthome for me.”

“As you wish, Miss White,” he acknowledged, retracting his hand.

I settled down and prepared myself for the ride.


Council Building, Capital City
ARPers: CM

The champions’ eyes lifted as Cheren’s voice caught their attention, but they nodded in a warm greeting as if expecting his arrival.

“You’re not interrupting,” the female Champion, Cynthia explained. “We were just getting started.”

Cheren relaxed at that statement; he was right on time after all. Striding to the table with renewed confidence, the Gym Leader paused as the woman in white stood.

"I'm Keynoma Momoyia,” she extended her hand. “It's a pleasure to meet you.”

Cheren couldn’t say that he had heard of her before, but from the way she dressed he assumed that she was a scientist. He had to wonder, however, what business she had here. What else where the champions going to talk about today? Putting aside his questions, he took her hand and gave it a firm shake. “Cheren. Same here.”

With the introduction out of the way, Cheren claimed a seat for himself and waited for the meeting to unroll. It seemed that the Champions had been waiting for Momoyia to present something, but since she seemed somewhat unprepared, they decided to move onto a different topic. The one Cheren had been expecting.

"Then we will go ahead and start discussing the situation with the Battle Subway," Lance directed the conversation.

Alder’s chair squeaked as he sat back, saying, "I have a good feeling Zayna is not going to be thrilled with your request.”

"I would not believe so," answered the blonde-haired champion, even as Cheren inwardly winced. No, Zayna certainly wasn’t going to be the most ecstatic person with this change, he certainly knew. He wouldn’t be surprised if she was on her way now, spewing fire like a Druddigon. Today he had hoped to ease the confrontations between the two parties, but the best he could do was hope Zayna would be in a cooperative mood. Highly doubtful.

Turning to the young Gym Leader, Cynthia asked sincerely, "Would you know how we could peacefully discuss this with her? I know she has put a lot of her time and energy in the subway, but if we could just send out shipments to the outer settlements on some of her lines it would save time and funding. Not to mention we could send out larger shipments than if we continue to send them over land and would not require to send them out as often."

Cheren sighed and leaned against his chair as well. Though he was trying to side with Zayna, he couldn’t deny that he supported the idea of crystal transportation via subway. He was not blind to the obvious benefits it would reap. Now he also realized that the Champions were just as mindful as he was of Zayna’s sacrifices for the Battle Subway. He had come prepared to argue with them, if needed, but they were as respectful as always. Why couldn’t Zayna see that?

Taking a deep breath, he began, “I would like to apologize in advance for whatever difficulty Zayna might cause. Things have been a little… different for her since the merge.” He considered Cynthia’s question for a moment, then said, “Let me talk to her. I might be able to get through to her.”

Might, being the keyword. Though they were childhood friends… things weren’t quite the same between them… Still, on behalf of the Council, he should at least try.

“But if I might be so bold,” Cheren continued, “I think it might help if we somehow show that the Council supports the Battle Subway. After all, it has helped to retain a part of our old world’s culture, and has helped many newcomers adjust to Pokémon as companions. If it is at all possible, perhaps we could give something more than mere compensation for the taken rails. Personally, I have two ideas—both which might seem a little outlandish, but… We could involve the Battle Subway in the upcoming Tournaments. Or, we could do a trade, of sorts. Land for land.”

Cheren had a candidate in mind for that swap, but he chose to keep it to himself until he had the Champion’s thoughts. Moving into a conclusion, he said, “Zayna will see the Council’s seizure as stealing, and she won’t be appeased by mere compensation. But if we give rather than take…”

He trailed off and waited for their input.


(OOC: Er, hope this wasn't sucky on my part ^^' Zayna's part was written a long time ago, though xD Um... I'm gonna go Nuzlocke now xD BAI! *dashes off*)

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