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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Good god! What in blue blazes... Did i miss...

I'm going to attempt to stitch this as easy as possible..

People have their own opinions to things, those opinions are always going to clash with each other at some point or another.. Dredd, you and Aqua both make valid points in your ideals about the subject. But does that make the opposite wrong? yes it is a faster method and yes it is a hack, on the flipside, yes rng
Is a way to keep things levity and yes not all people like to use hacks. Neither of those ideals make the other wrong. Myself for example.. I used to hack yes. Nothing huge mind you, but when I got competetive, that ceased, because i seen the pride a lot of people had using their own special things. Every pokemon I use competetively was hand raised by yours truly, BUT! on a few I used iv's from the few hacked pokemon i still had in the box. Would that be considered going against either of your ideals? I know you are really opinionated about hacks Dredd, but i do remember a time when VDA, the former top dogs, were still around and you wouldn't challenge them to war or let anyone battle against them because they used pokesav and hacks... If i recall, I took out nearly half of that clan using hand raised pokemon, none perfect iv's either. I eventually (after a hellish time) convinced you to let us do battle against them. I believe in the idea that no hack can overcome a purebreed (so to speak) and vice versa. It's these very thoughts that drive what little of the competetive community onward to still exist. Arguing over who is right is doing nothing on either of your parts.

In short, we all have our methods for making and creating. Use them as long as they stick faithfully to the rules of engagement.
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