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Sarah stopped dancing and noticed a small spherical-shaped item on the ground.

Sarah found a Lure Ball!
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Sarah watched as the Bellossom slowly danced away. Aster and Sunkern were puffing. "I guess you guys need to do some training!" Sarah laughed. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find someone to battle soon!"

Sarah noticed a something round shining in the sun up ahead. In the middle of the path was a Lure Ball. She picked it up and looked around, someone had obviously dropped it. "No one's around to claim it," Sarah said, "I guess it's mine now!" She placed it in her bag.

Sarah and her small team of Pokemon continued down route 1. It had gotten progressively more green and the forest had started to close in around them. Soon they came to a crossroads with a wooden arrows pointing in each direction.

"Pokemon League Gate?" Sarah questioned, looking at the sign pointing north. "I don't think we're quite ready for that! But this one looks right... Route 2 to the west!"

Aster and Sunken jumped up and down happily.

"I think we're nearly there, guys." Sarah said. "Yes, here we go! Off to Route 2!"

Sarah claimed a Lure Ball.

Sarah left Route 1 and entered Route 2.
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