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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Official's Post for Corey and Steak
Because of your frantic cheering,

A wild Meowth appeared!

What will Steak do?
Trainer: Steak
Currently: ROUND 2. FIGHT!

after that futile fiasco with Phanpy, you weren't going to go easy this time. no way. this time, you got this!

> Brobat: Get in there and Bite it like you're taking a bite out of crime!

Brobat swoops in and sinks its teeth into the Meowth's fur, pulling it back a bit before the Meowth fends him off with Fury Swipes.


Meowth vanishes from the battle. You think you know what's coming.

> Brobat: Hide up in the trees, and prepare a Wing Attack!!

Meowth becomes visible again, looking around frustrated as its Faint Attack has failed. As it looks over its shoulder, though, it comes face to face with Brobat's left wing and falls over flat.

You commend your partner over a job well done and toss a Poke Ball at the fallen cat Pokemon. The little orb rocks back and forth before...
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