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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Entering Route 3.

This Route was ridiculously dark. I could barely even see the path ahead of me, and I was scared to progress much further in case I got lost. Concerned for my safety, I decided to set up camp here for the night. I quickly set up my tent and tucked myself away, my three Poke Balls at my side. 'Who would accompany me tonight?' I thought. I picked the middle Poke Ball laying beside me. Out popped Etitymin the Rattata. Her purple fur seemed even darker due to our gloomy surroundings.

"Hey. I thought we could talk," I said to the Rattata, cuddling up beside her. "We haven't had a chance to bond yet, have we?"

The Rattata nodded her head and she curled up inside my sleeping bag. Rather quickly, she dozed off. It made me happy knowing my Pokemon were comfortable.

I wondered what'd happen tomorrow. Perhaps I'd find a new Pokemon, or maybe a new person wou-zzzzzzzzzz.

Entered Route 3 from Navi Town.
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But before Eti could fall asleep,

A wild Nincada appeared!

What will Eti do?
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