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Default Re: Route 2

Trainer: Minako
Currently: Battling wild Roggenrola

"Okay, Ama-chan! This one's yours!" Minako said. Ama-chan smiles at her owner and then puts a determined look on her face. She waddles in front of the Roggenrola. Marley, Ishiyama, and Rukari watch from the side lines.

"Use Mega Drain!" Ama-chan sucked the majority of the life out of Roggenrola. Roggenrola stumbled back.

It attacks Ama-chan with Rock Blast. "Dodge it and use Mega Drain once more!" Ama-chan jumped out of the way and then sucked the remaining life out of her opponent.

The wild Roggenrola fainted!

"Way to go, Ama-chan! You KO'd your first Pokemon!" Ama-chan jumps up and down with glee.
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