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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
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I must say, that was quite the impressive battle. I'm sure that scuffle in the tree has made both you and Phanpy berry anxious.

Bad puns aside, the blue elephant-like Pokemon finally succumbs to the pressure you have inflicted on it. With one last noise dispersing from its trunk, it de-materialises in the capture machine you have so cleverly aimed at it.

Of course, as you have seen, this Phanpy is clearly a fighter. You watch the ball wobble.

Shoot! It was so close, too!

Phanpy bursts free from the Poke Ball, using the last ounce of its strength to stand once more. It has a vital decision now. Fight or flight.

You know what I said about Phanpy being a fighter?

Yeah, I lied. The Phanpy rushes back into nearby bushes, disappearing swiftly.

The wild Phanpy fled!

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yeah whatever I'm over it. he probably just wasn't prepared to board this bad bro bandwagon. that's cool. c'mon Brobat let's ditch this popsicle stand.

You ditch an IMAGINARY POPSICLE STAND and make your way further into Route 1. In the distance you see a guy and a gal conversing. There seems to be a commotion involving several DANCING BELLOSOM. You decide it is probably best to avoid the commotion.
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