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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Location: Navi Town
Item(s): Lure Ball x1 (12), Level Ball x1 (12), Heal Ball x1 (12), Old Rod (10)
Link to stats: [Eti Molo's Record Thread]

I walked into the store and see rows upon rows of merchandise. The PokeMart seemed oddly place in a town full of wood houses - the blue building and modern look stood out like a sore thumb.

I saw a selection of different Poke Balls. Curious as to what they did, I picked up three different balls and made my way towards the counter.

"I'll take these, please," I told the clerk, putting the balls on their desk. Whilst they were making the transaction, I noticed a strange box stating: 'Old Rod - Fish for Pokemon today!

"May I have that too?" I asked, pointing towards the rod's box.

Navi Town PokeMart Clerk

The Clerk stares at you as you come in. He stares at you as you make your selections. Stares as you set your choice down on the counter.

"May I have that too?" You ask, motioning towards the Old Rod in stock behind him.

He looks at the box. Then back to you. Then back to the box. Then back to you, eyes barely hiding a feeling of pure despair.

He has exceeded his weekly quota of rod puns.

Silently, he adds up your order and watches as you leave with your purchase. The only thing that brings him solace as you walk out the door is that the Navi Town PokeMart receives shipments of Old Rods at only 5 Stars a piece, making an excellent profit off of new trainers. He smiles.

Hook, line, and sinker.

Eti Molo received one Lure Ball, one Level Ball, one Heal Ball, and an Old Rod! Make sure you deduct the stars from your total and add your purchase to your stats!
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