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Originally Posted by Steak View Post
Trainer: Steak

this is it. your first wild Pokemon encounter. you take a moment to regard this regal rascal.

Retrieving data...
Species: PHANPY
Classification: WILD

this Phanpy's a tough little ball of gray. looks like the type of dude who's here to get stuff done. but wait, just wait for one second. check out those little markings on its trunk and ears. those shiny orange markings. not only does this lil scrapper have his head in the game, but he's going to stand out while laying down the hurt.
your shades continue scanning all around and tell you that Phanpy is the least commonly encountered Pokemon in this area. CALLING.

> Steak: B-Bat, let's see what this guy's got!

you realize you're not for sure what Brobat's even bringing to the table here. with a few swift eye movements your sick shades tell you all that you need to know.

Retrieving data...
Available moves include:

cool. now you just need to-


while you were busy gathering data, Phanpy curled into a ball and rolled right into a tree, but an angle so that it could bounce off the tree and fly right up into Brobat. way to override your disadvantage, Phanpy!
but no friend of yours is going down without a fight. bouncing off of trees can only get your opponent so far.

> Brobat: Fly higher up and fire off a Supersonic!

your companion in cool does exactly as you advise, gaining elevation and screeching at such a high pitch that you can hear nothing. Phanpy however, falters, clutching its large ears with its stubby paws. since he got you when your guard was down, you figure you'll return the favor.

> Brobat: Swoop down and hit Phanpy with a Wing Attack!

Phanpy rolls off a few feet after making contact with Brobat's wings at high velocity. indignant, Phanpy gets up quickly but drunkenly. in his confused state, he dashes at high speed into another tree. the ground shudders, but other than that, nothing really-


a variety of berries fall from the tree's branches, some of which pelt your Zubat. a particularly heavy one knocks him out of the air. Phanpy turns, still with a bit of fight in him. but you know something that can change that.

> Brobat: Quick, Leech Life!

he quickly surges forward and drains some of Phanpy's energy, then retreats once more into the air, being careful not to float too close to another tree's berry-drop zone. even still, Phanpy tries to stand, but falters. you retrieve one of the empty Poke Balls you received at the lab.


the ball hits Phanpy and seems to absorb it. all that there is left to do is wait.
Official's Post:

I must say, that was quite the impressive battle. I'm sure that scuffle in the tree has made both you and Phanpy berry anxious.

Bad puns aside, the blue elephant-like Pokemon finally succumbs to the pressure you have inflicted on it. With one last noise dispersing from its trunk, it de-materialises in the capture machine you have so cleverly aimed at it.

Of course, as you have seen, this Phanpy is clearly a fighter. You watch the ball wobble.

Shoot! It was so close, too!

Phanpy bursts free from the Poke Ball, using the last ounce of its strength to stand once more. It has a vital decision now. Fight or flight.

You know what I said about Phanpy being a fighter?

Yeah, I lied. The Phanpy rushes back into nearby bushes, disappearing swiftly.

The wild Phanpy fled!
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