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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

After everything had been explained back at the Salvatore house, Ashley quickly called Bonnie, who rushed to the house while Jeremy stayed behind with April.

“A simple locating spell should work.” She assured the group as she laid out a map and Caroline’s hair brush on the table in preparation. Ichiru had given Kiseki a blood pouch and made him lie down in his room upon returning, and Aiden had stayed upstairs with him to make sure he didn’t try to leave on his own like he had done several years before when something similar had happened.

"Don't you need some of her blood though?" Diana asked her mother.

"Not for this spell." Bonnie shook her head, taking a few stray strands of Caroline's hair from the brush and placing them on the middle of the map. She them closed her eyes and concentrated, although to Ichiru’s dismay, a few moments later, a troubled expression appeared on her face. He already knew that look and what it meant.

"What's wrong?" Isobel asked the question that was probably on everyone‘s mind.

"It's not working for some reason... it's like another Witch or Warlock is blocking me." Bonnie responded, then looking over to Diana. "The two of us working together might make the spell stronger."

"Let's try." Diana answered with a nod. The fact that Diana was pregnant crossed Ichiru’s mind as he looked at the two with concern, although a simple locating spell shouldn’t have done anything to affect the baby, so he kept quiet. "It's still not working." Diana growled in frustration after a few moments.

"We're going to have to search by foot then." Lexi said.

"We'll each go in groups of two then." Stefan added. "Ashley should stay here with the children along with Diana and Bonnie since the rest of us can use our speed. The groups will be Lexi and I, Damon and Isobel, Meredith and Elijah, Kevin and Kol, Kotomi and Aiden and then Ichiru and Kiseki. Does that sound good with everyone?"

"Yeah." Ichiru nodded along with Ashley as she responded, then looking to everyone else. "Everyone stay in contact through telepathy and be careful."

The group nodded in response before everyone left to go in their separate directions. Ichiru went upstairs to Kiseki’s room, almost bumping into Aiden in the hallway, the ginger having been listening to them from there while still keeping an eye on the younger teen.

“No luck?”

Ichiru shook his head in response, and Aiden frowned.

“The locating spell didn’t work, so we’re all searching in separate groups.” He told the Original, who glanced down the stairs as he spoke. “Kotomi is probably waiting for you downstairs, so you should go. I’ll get Kiseki.”

Aiden nodded and Ichiru stepped to the side so that he could go downstairs.

“So, where do you think we should look first?” He asked Kotomi as he arrived at her side, having absolutely no clue where to start. He couldn‘t rely on his senses, considering his friends were now scattered all over town, along with their supernatural presences. That would be useless right now.

Ichiru walked into Kiseki’s room where the younger twin still lay on his bed, stopping just inside the room. However, he wasn’t asleep or unconscious at all, which was proven when he turned his head to look at Ichiru as he walked in.

“I’m guessing you heard everything?” Kiseki nodded in response, pushing himself up from the bed slowly. The blood pouch he had drank earlier seemed to have helped a lot, but it was obvious he was still tired. “Maybe you should rest a little longer.”

Kiseki quickly shook his head in response, forcing himself to his feet as he looked at Ichiru.

“No, I’m coming with you. I can’t just sit here like this.” Ichiru gave a sigh at his brother’s stubbornness, although instead of arguing he merely turned around and headed toward the stairs.

“Alright. Grab another blood pouch before we go. You look like you need it.”
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