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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Originally Posted by Cheerful Cherubi View Post
"Alright, Kyle! This is it," says my mom, "It's time for you to go to Andromeda Town and get your first Pokemon from Professor Cedar!"

"Yeah, I'm really excited," I respond, with a subtext of sarcasm, "I can hardly wait."

"Oh, hush. Come on, get on my Pidgles (her Pidgeot) and I'll drop you off."

We fly to Andromeda Town, where my mother drops me off in front of some houses, tears in her eyes as she goes. "Goodbye, honey! And good luck! Your father would be so proud of you!"

Right, my father. Last I heard he's still in the region, just in some other town. I haven't seen him in at least ten years. I wave to my mother, and then slowly meander to the looming lab. I knock on the door and am greeted by a very cheerful Professor.

"Hi, my name is Kyle, I guess I'm here to start my Pokemon journey, or something like that," I say nervously.

"That's great! What Pokemon would you like?" Professor Cedar responds, as happy as ever.

I had never really thought of that. "Um... I'll take that one that is in the egg, but only halfway. Togepi, is it?" I ask, unsure.

"That's correct!"

"Then I'll have that one."

Professor Cedar

"Hi Kyle! Sorry about the wait!" Professor Cedar smiled. "Togepi is a great choice and adorable too! This one's only just hatched so make sure you take good care of it, okay?" she said, handing Kyle a Pokeball.

"Here, takes these items too. And good luck on your journey!"

Kyle received Togepi, PokeGear v3.0, 5 PokeBalls and an Egg voucher. Go ahead and make your trainer record in here.
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