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Default Re: Pe2k Member Interviews - 21 Questions; #10 Winter

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post


Oh my goodness, really? XD I'd love to have you if you could. I'm guessing you've compared times and the ones I have up aren't exactly suitable? XD And laaaaaaawl, you sound like a bucket-load of fun. Lemme know when you are free (but use that time converty site I linked in the first post) and I'll see if I can tweak times. I may or may not be able to.

Yeah xD I've checked the times and the whole 10 hour difference is a bit of a struggle for me I don't want you to have to change any times for me though - it seems rude on my part ^_^ Besides, the amount of interruptions we'd have would be a nightmare xD

Mum walks in

"Adam! Who are you talking to?"

"Um... A friend..." (feeling awkward because he now has to listen to two people - STRUGGLE)

"Is it (insert name here)?"


"Is it (insert name here)?"


"*sigh* Hello Adam's friends!" (she will then proceed to hover in my room for the next I don't even know)

xD Then, most likely, I'd have my door closed, and my cat will start to meow loudly and claw underneath my door just to get in ._. xD PLus, the times I'm free are horrible - I'm always either round my dad's or have homework to do T_T

But yeah, maybe sometime in the near-future if you still continue this? :D


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