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Default Zenith Town Egg Center: Claim your free eggs here!

Zenith Town Egg Center
The Egg Giveaway is a big square tent with pictures of Pokemon Eggs plastered on the sides. The walls of the tent are the same color as the rest of the buildings in Zenith Town. There's a sign on the door that says, "Zenith Town Egg Center. One Pokemon Egg for Every Voucher."

You enter the tent and you're overwhelmed by all of the bright colors. Compared to the rest of the town, this place is unique. There are shelves lined up with Pokemon Eggs. A lady walks up to you and says, "Welcome one and all to the Zenith Town Egg Giveaway! If you registered before October the 7th and you received a voucher, you may trade it for one of our lovely Eggs!

What is in this Egg, you ask? It's a common Pokemon that can be seen in the Celestia Region. Once you receive this Egg, we ask that you take very good care of it, as you won't receive another."

-You must be in Zenith Town in order to exchange your voucher for an Egg.
-You must have the voucher in your records. If you do not have this voucher then you will not receive your Egg.
-Once your voucher has been taken, you will be rolled a random number between 1 and 50. This number corresponds to a Pokemon with that number. Once your number is rolled, an official will trade you an Egg based on that number rolled.
-You may not know the species of your Egg UNTIL the Egg has hatched. This means that you will not bug the officials asking them what is in your Egg.
-Once you hatch the Egg, you may add it to your Trainer Records right away.
-You may hatch the Egg when you receive it. When you hatch it, please fill out the form below.

Form for Obtaining Egg
Date Joined:
Friend Code:
Link to stats:
Form for Hatching Egg
Which Pokemon hatched:
Link to stats:
List of People and Their Rolled Numbers:
Etymology: 26
Kaoru: 15
dj-tiny: 14
Typhlosion Explosion: 5
Metal Gear Snivy: 33
mintjelly: 11
Pokemon Breeder Dustin: 38
Morph: 28
Pokemon Trainer Sarah: 23
Steak: 3
Cobalt Shadow: 47
Iluvstuddy: 41

People who have received their Eggs:
Kaoru [Egg hatched]
mintjelly [Egg hatched]
Metal Gear Snivy [Egg hatched]
Typhlosion Explosion [Egg hatched]
dj-tiny [Egg hatched]
Etymology [Egg hatched]
Morph [Egg hatched]
Pokemon Breeder Dustin
Pokemon Trainer Sarah [Egg hatched]
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