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Default Re: Pe2k Member Interviews - 21 Questions; #10 Winter

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post

We should totally compare dresses :L

Personally, I'd love to take part in this show. Were it not for the massive difference in time between Britain and Australia, my annoying Mother who likes to interrupt me 24/7, my brother complaining about his xbox live connection and my disruptive cat (she doesn't leave me alone T_T) I'd probably be like "GRACE, INTERVIEW MEEEEEEE!" xD I'd most likely find myself being spontaneous, random, referring to Unicorns a multiple amount of times and making sound effects way too often xD But yeah, if this is still going in a few years, I will try to get a spot here :L


Oh my goodness, really? XD I'd love to have you if you could. I'm guessing you've compared times and the ones I have up aren't exactly suitable? XD And laaaaaaawl, you sound like a bucket-load of fun. Lemme know when you are free (but use that time converty site I linked in the first post) and I'll see if I can tweak times. I may or may not be able to.

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