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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Trainer: Minako
Currently: Battling the wild Roggenrolla

"Roggenrolla, huh? Ama-chan, this battle's yours!" Minako said as Ama-chan bounced off of Minako's shoulders. Ama-chan looks at the Roggenrolla, who is still dancing around. Ama-chan shows she's brave and waddles in front of Roggenrolla.

"Okay, Ama-chan, use GrassWhistle to put the Roggenrolla to sleep!" Roggenrolla was just standing there dancing when GrassWhistle put it to sleep. It stopped dancing and fell onto its side.

"Now, Ama-chan, use Mega Drain!" Ama-chan drained Roggenrolla's HP with all its might. Roggenrolla remained asleep. It looked as though it only had a few Hit Points left.

"Go, Pokeball!" The Pokeball was thrown towards the sleeping Roggenrolla. The ball opened up, zapped Roggenrolla inside, and shut tight. The ball shook once, twice, 3 times and....
Official Post:

I used to think trainers were fair, and full of respect and honour. Not after the horrific events I've witnessed today. Knocking a creature unconscious and then battering it until it succumbs to your needs? You monster. You didn't even give it a chance.

But still, I'm not one to judge. Apparently this kind of thing is encouraged on Planet Pokemon. So I'll leave my criticisms behind me for now.

The Roggenrola is sucked into the ball. It starts to wobble just as vibrantly as it danced a few moments prior.


Minako caught the Roggenrola!
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