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Default Re: Route 2

Trainer: Minako
Currently: Battling the wild Roggenrolla

"Roggenrolla, huh? Ama-chan, this battle's yours!" Minako said as Ama-chan bounced off of Minako's shoulders. Ama-chan looks at the Roggenrolla, who is still dancing around. Ama-chan shows she's brave and waddles in front of Roggenrolla.

"Okay, Ama-chan, use GrassWhistle to put the Roggenrolla to sleep!" Roggenrolla was just standing there dancing when GrassWhistle put it to sleep. It stopped dancing and fell onto its side.

"Now, Ama-chan, use Mega Drain!" Ama-chan drained Roggenrolla's HP with all its might. Roggenrolla remained asleep. It looked as though it only had a few Hit Points left.

"Go, Pokeball!" The Pokeball was thrown towards the sleeping Roggenrolla. The ball opened up, zapped Roggenrolla inside, and shut tight. The ball shook once, twice, 3 times and....
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