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Default Re: Route 1

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Battling.

"Volcano, use Tackle, then Flame Wheel!"

Volcano, started to glow for some reason...Fire enveloped his body. He stomped on the ground and burst out in flames attack Rattata. Was this a new move?!

"That's Flame Charge!!" Sarah cried.

"A new move! Awesome Volcano! You learned Flame Charge!" Volcano suddenly became faster as well. Now Ember! Volcano glowed again. He spout out flames, but they were large, and much more hotter. The Rattata fled.

"W-was that Flamethrower?! Two new moves in one day?! Great job Volcano!"
Official's Post

Corey was skipping along Route 1 when his Cyndaquil noticed something shiny on the ground. Volcano picked up the strange shiny object with its mouth and handed it to Corey.

Corey found 10 stars!
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