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Default Re: Route 2

Trainer: Minako
Currently: Battling the wild Buneary

"Alright, Marley! This one's yours!" Minako said. Marley jumped in front of the Buneary and barks. Buneary looks very uneasy around Marley and tries its best to get into a fighting stance. "Use Crunch!"

Marley charged at the Buneary and the move hit. Buneary flinched.

"Yes, another flinch! Now, use Crunch once more!"

Marley hit it with yet another Crunch attack. Buneary tried to protect (not the move Protect) itself from the attack by jumping, but it was too weak and flops to the ground. It tries to stand back up, but falls back down yet again. It finally gave up on trying to get back up and fight.

"Now's my chance! Go Pokeball!" Marley threw a Pokeball at the weakened Buneary. The shook once, twice, 3 times and...
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