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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Catching up with Sarah.

I ANGRILY move back to Route 1. The storm seems to pass.

"Hey, is that Sarah?! It is you! Hey Sarah, how are you!"

Sarah is in conversation with Gary.

"So do you have anything other than two grass Pokemon?"

Gary responds smugly.

"And you...What Pokemon do you have? Weak ones? Probably."

Gary says.

"I'll have you know I'm strong, even though I just started out! Here's Volcano, and here's Meowth! Show him your strength!"
Volcano growls, and Meowth scratches the ground toughly.

"That all you got?! Seems you both are weak then, ha ha ha."

Gary says, laughing it up.

"H-how rude! Twice in two days I've had my Pokemon insulted, well, no more! Meowth, Scratch!"

Meowth runs towards Gary, but he sends out a Pidgeot.

"Hm. Pidgeot, take care of this little noob."

Pidgeot hits Meowth forcefully, and knocks her on the ground.


I run to Purra's aid, and pick her up, Volcano growling furiously on my shoulder.
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