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Default Re: What six pokemon would you want in real life.

Well, these are my six that I would love to have in real life.

1. Houndoom
2. Bisharp
3. Manectric
4. Luxray
5. Blaziken
6. Lucario

:) These 6 are my favorite Pokemon of all time. They also generally can be found in my area. (forests)

Blue Team
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points spent:94
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Pokemon In Party:
-Hydra, the Wartortle(Male) (level 16)
-Aerian, Fearow (Male)(level 6)
-Sandra, the Sandslash (Female)(level 27) (silk scarf)
-Machop, the Machop level 11
-Butterfree, level 10
-Geodude, level 8

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