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Default Pokemon Dinesty

Hello pokemon trianers... I have been doing this a while so I hope you like, or everything that I have done is a fail.

Here is the plot of the story-

In the year 2020 pokemon and people have gotten along just fine together. They have lived in peace for many generations and they look forward to having more generations to look forward to. The people had fun, some kids would train some would breed and others would try to catch them all. When everything was going so well, the sky turned a dark black. The wind picked up and the pokemon started to run away. Ty,"thats me," looked outside and lightning flashed across the sky. People were running everywhere scared. Ty's Lucario stood beside him looking at the sky. Ty looked around at all the people and the sky started to suck people up in the air. Ty ran inside grabbed his backpack and headed to the new universe.

What will await him there...

In the new universe same pokemon but different look. Now for the character sign up here it is.
Your character can be someone from the same universe as Ty or someone in the new universe.

here is mine.

Personallity-He is a kind of guy to get things done. He will intimidate most people by his personallity he is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. He doesn't trust people, but when it comes to his pokemon he trusts them completely.
History- He has lived in littleroot his whole life. He left home at 14 and started his journey. He found Lucario and they became best friends when Ty saved Lucario from falling off the cliff. They grew up together and are like Ash and Picachu.

Now I will start and just send me your character profile and I will accept you.

Ty grabbed his backpack and Lucario followed him outside. The wind picked him and Lucario up and sucked them into the sky. There was a flash of bright light and Ty closed his eyes. He opened them again and they were falling out of the sky and straight for some trees. He fell through some trees and grabbed a limb and stood on it. Lucario stood beside him and they looked around. It looked like they hadn't gone anywhere. They jumped down from the tree onto the dirt road. He looked at Lucario and nodded. They started to walk down the road and the bushes in front of them started to shake. Lucario stood in front of Ty ready to battle.
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