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Default Re: CM's Quick Sketches

Originally Posted by CM View Post


Was drawn while looking at a reference

Rayner the Typhlosion:

Was drawn while looking at a reference

Kaylash the Glaceon:

Head was drawn while looking at a reference, body completely freehand other than pattern that came from a ref

Woah, these are all pretty cool!!! I have a few critiques though, if you don't mind!!

First off, the Totodile.

I was looking at the feet, and the one closest to us has a longer toe in the middle. The one farther away however, has the toes all the same length. Maybe you should make the middle one a bit longer to give it a more rounded shape rather than a box-like one? The fingers on the closest hand also look a bit wonky. If you treat it like a human hand (with some fingers longer than others) and space them a bit more, it might look a bit better. :D

The Typhlosion:

The head looks a bit to big for the body, though that might just be Typholsion itself..The curve of the body is really nice but I think he should be a bit more stocky, just to show that he's pretty buff and can support his own weight (especially around the stomach region. Typhlosion are very wide pokemon). The foot closest to us also blends into the body with no definition of where the actual leg is. The same thing with the toes on this one as well as the totodile :) I think he's my favorite though. Full of attitude and bad-assery!


The face is a bit round, and canine/cat faces have more shapes in them than just a circle. Make sure you have some definition of the cheeks. Also, the head piece looks very pointy (the parts that come down around the ear), so maybe if you smooth that out a bit it would make it look more natural as if it was hanging down and being affected by the body it is laying on underneath.

I really like all of them! Hope my input helped! :D

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