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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/ Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
Lunch Room

“Do you want to go sit with them?” Caroline heard Kiseki speak softly to her as she tore her gaze away from Ashley and looked to Kiseki. “It might ease your worries a little if we’re right there with them.”

"I'm just really worried about Matt." Caroline responded softly back. "I can tell that it's stressing Ashley out." Caroline looked back over to Ashley, along with Stefan as well.

"We can all go over there and sit with them." Stefan said as he looked back to Caroline, Kiseki and even Michael, giving a smile. "Since we're all allies now then it would make sense for the group to sit together."

"Okay." Caroline said happily with a smile, Stefan chuckling from Caroline's bubbly personality as the two stood up with their food and walked over to the other table.

"Hey." Peeta greeted with a smile of his own.

"Could we sit with you guys?" Caroline asked.

"You guys don't even have to ask." Katniss said with a small chuckle, Caroline taking a seat next to Jeremy while Stefan sat next to Peeta.

"Hey cutie." Stefan said when looking over to Aria, who let out a cute laugh. Ashley looked over to Ichiru and gave him a smile, though her attention was forced back to Aria when hearing her laugh suddenly quiet down. Aria was staring at something from across the room, bringing Ashley to follow her gaze back to Matt, Coral and their mentor, who were all looking at Aria and Kenny.

"Just ignore them." Ashley said, looking back to Aria.

"Why are they being so mean?" Aria asked.

"I don't want you to worry about it." Ashley responded, giving her daughter a kiss on top of her head. Ashley took notice as well that Keiru and his sister weren't eating together, which Ashley found very strange, though the incident with the arrow a few hours ago replayed it Ashley's mind as she looked away.

After a little while Aria was finished with the food on her plate, though she asked Ashley if she could have more food. Ashley nodded, an female Avox taking away the dirtied plate and returning with a clean one. Ashley thanked the girl and set off towards the buffet again, though when she got to the food, she was greeted by Matt once again.

"Well don't you look lovely in that red dress. Your nails are even painted with flames as well. I thought you weren't your mother's image?" Matt teased with a deadly grin.

"I'm just trying to get food for my daughter. Do you mind?" Ashley growled, ignoring Matt's words.

"Just trying to make conversation." Matt shrugged as he followed Ashley around the different food compartments. Ashley's table saw what was going on, though they didn't want to make a scene.

"Why don't you make conversation with someone else?" Ashley snapped.

"I told you already. I marked you as my target." Matt chuckled.

"I'm tired of your little games. Just leave me alone." Ashley went to walk away back to her table but Matt grabbed Ashley's wrist and tightened his hand around it. Ashley tried not to show the pain on her face, but Matt was squeezing her wrist as hard as he could.

"Well it is called The Hunger Games, so playing these little games of my own seems highly appropriate."

"We have to do something." Jeremy whispered in anger, everyone at the table still looking at Ashley and Matt.

"If he doesn't let go of my daughter in ten seconds then I'm kicking his ass." Peeta growled as his hand gripped tightly around his knife.
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