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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

You're right; the others weren't too far ahead. They were probably sheltering underneath a large tree, somewhere. So if you keep a steady pace, you should be able to catch up, right?

Sadly, there are things in this wooded area to keep you occupied - and distracted. The forest was particularly busy right now because its inhabitants are wildly hurrying to seek shelter. As luck might have it, one crossed your path as you began to progress further. A small yellow seed-like Pokemon bounced along the floor of Route 1, shaking its leaves wildly to throw off any excess rain. It suddenly stopped when it noticed you coming towards it, frozen in fear. I'm sure you would too if something ten times the size of you came bounding your way. I bet it thinks the very ground is shaking where you tread.

A wild Sunkern appeared!
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Battling Sunkern

"Look Aster! It's a Pokemon!"

"Bulba, saur!" Aster cried excitedly.

"I think that's a Sunkern. It looks like a Grass-type... but I already have you," Sarah said unsurely. "It's so cute though, should we try and catch it?"

"Saur, saur." Aster nodded, eager to have a Pokemon friend.

"Well I guess it will be good practice!" Sarah grinned. "Okay Aster, are you ready to battle?"

Aster stepped out in front of his trainer, to face the frozen Sunkern and growled as threateningly as he could manage. At the sound of his voice, the Sunkern seemed to snap out of its daze and its eyes narrowed. It sprang into the air, launching two razor sharp leaves at Aster.

"Dodge it!" Sarah cried, and Aster dodged to the left. "Now try a Tackle!"

Aster dashed forward, but Sunkern was much too quick. It sprang easily over the Bulbasaur's head and began to glow, sucking up Aster's energy with Mega Drain.

Aster shook the attack off and spun around. "Lucky it's not very effective." Sarah said. "Now grab Sunkern with Vine Whip!

Two vines shot out of Aster's sides and wrapped around the small Pokemon, squeezing it tightly. Sunkern struggled but couldn't escape.

"Now, spin it around and then use Tackle!" Sarah cried.

Aster begun to spin Sunkern in the air until it was thoroughly dizzy. The poor Pokemon was flung against the soft earth, where it tottered unsteadily. Not missing a beat, Aster dashed forward, this time connecting with Sunkern with a crash. Sunkern went flying backwards and stopped moving.

"Well done Aster!" Sarah yelled happily, holding her arms out. Aster jumped into her arms and snuggled her happily. "It's not over yet though. Let's catch it! PokeBall go!" Sarah flung a red and white orb at the weakened Pokemon. It disappeared into the ball in a flash of red light...
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