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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Dino rolls 1d20 for his Move Silently (Dex) check. He rolls a 1, needing a 15 or under to pass

Aelria cautiously entered the main market strip, doing her best to not draw attention to herself. It appeared that most of those around her were more interested in the goods being sold or talking with those they were walking with, so the Ninetales was successful in moving around without being noticed.

Velocity rolls 1d20 for her Gather Information (Cha) check. She rolls a 4, needing a 12 or under to pass.

The salesmen looked up when he heard someone address him. When he saw the lion-man, he didn't even flinch. Most merchants were used to seeing and interacting with all sorts of people, so different species weren't that much of a shocker any more.

"There's some gossip going around," he replied. "Apparently there is some big shot merchant in down, selling rare goods in the new tavern. Seventh Rose is the place. Word is that there might be a magical item or two in their stock."

((Since you successfully charmed her once, you don't need to do it again. You will only need a concentration check if you think your character might be distracted from something. If you believe that is to happen, then I'll do the check. Otherwise if you trying to specifically listen for something then a Listen check is required.))

The merchant smiled at Archeon, taking his hand into hers in greeting. "I would be honored if we could," she replied. She then took a moment to point out the direction of the tavern. "It's not on this street, you see. It will be on the next one over, where most inns and high-end stores are located." Once more she looked at the man, wearing a smile that was borderline smirk. "I'm sure you will have no problem charming your way in."

((I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure if you wanted to do a Listen check to see if you could hear anything specific about his voice or maybe something else. If that's the case then I'll gladly edit this. Just let me know.))

"I hear that most of what is sold is second-hand, nothing special. Basically stuff handed down or thrown away by the rick folk. But it's durable material, from what I've heard. Also might be able to barter for a trade instead of paying coin," the sailor replied. "I think one fellow made a trade last time I was in town, said he'd do one of the seller's chores in return for a linen shirt."

Sabi rolls 1d20 for her Listen (Wis) check. She rolls a 20, needing a 14 or under to pass.

Even as she listened, Arima wasn't able to pick up on any useful information. Patrons were ordering drinks, bartering for items or trades, and all in all causing a ruckus. From where she sat and the noise around her the beast soothesayer was unable to pick up on any words being spoken that would be on any interest.

((Same thing as Kaioo, since you had already passed the Listen check and had already picked up on the conversation you don't need to roll again to continue to listen in.))

Frost continues to listen in between Archeon and the merchant, able to hear their words over the chatter of others around her.
((I do apologize for the wait for this. Things kept getting in the way. I'll try to make up for it with the next few posts. I do have something in mind for everyone, I just got to finish working out the details. Just note that when the DM starts to do dice rolls for herself something is most likely going to go down.))
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