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Default Re: Club 萌, the Essence of Cuteness

Will own the OAV for TWGOK, so I'll be looking for that sub. <3 Tenri!

Dusk Maiden's always welcomed.

New Haganai is good. Moar Sena and Kobato.

New stuff:
Hayate i'll probably end up checking out. It's Hayate and it's...Hayate.
I'll probably watch TLR: Darkness for the plot. (see "why I play Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball")
Been waiting for Little Busters for a while now, so that'll be nice.
Magi looks relatively interesting. I liked sumomomo momomo, so this might be something to check out.

Also, what's with all these eye-patch girls running around lately?

w/e BONES is making I'll check out.
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