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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Trainer: Minako
Currently: Wandering Route 1

"Okay, Sunkern, your nickname is Amaterasu. It means sun goddess, since you well...evolve into a Sunflora. I guess I could call you Ama-chan since it's shorter. " Minako said. Ama-chan looks at her owner and smiles.

Marley starts to sniff Ama-chan and Ama-chan looks at Marley like she's crazy.

"Marley, stop. You're scaring Ama-chan." Minako whined. "Well, now. Let's see what else is on this Route."
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"Oh my sweet-Combee, did I drop my PokeGear?" Jackson sighed, running back towards where he had previously been. He crosses your path and confronts you.

"Hey, you! Did you steal my PokeGear!?" He appears not to have noticed your Pokemon.
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