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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Being angry. >:c

"How rude!!11!ONEi!!1! My Pokemon are beautiful!"

But Jackson had already left.

"How dare he...You guys are beautiful and strong. Don;t let anything that joker says get to you."

Meowth smiled.

"As for you Volcano, you were for me specifically. We'll overcome all of these challenges together. I love you, even though I've only known you for a few days."

Volcano wiped a tear from his eye, and we hugged tightly.

"Now, let's move gang!"
Official's Post:

After your incredibly vomit-inducing heart-warming speech to your Pokemon, you continue to travel through Route 1. Not long left until the path ends - would there even be time for more happenings to...happen? Of course there would be. There's an old saying in Celestia. Every hour the thunder strikes. And that is entirely true in this case.

Clouds in the sky begin to form. The planet's roof gets greyer and greyer until all of a sudden a massive clap of thunder shakes the atmosphere. It is soon followed by an almighty crack of lightning right in front of you, said by many to be sent by The Beast of Thunder himself. You hear many wild Pokemon scatter and fly away from the storm, seeking refuge in safer parts of the route.

You see that it is too dangerous to continue. Your only option for survival is to turn back to Andromeda Town and wait until the storm is over.

Corey is forced to turn back to Andromeda Town.
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