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Default Re: Route 2

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Battling Makuhita.

It was late, and therefore quite dark in Route 2. The PokeGear says that the route is usually well lit by sunlight, but I suppose you can't expect that in the night.

Suddenly, a noise shocks me with a fright. A short while away from me, a Makuhita was slowly scurrying around in the bushes. Taken aback, I decided to act calmly with the situation.

"Hey little guy. How are y-." The small Fighting type Pokemon cut me off by trying to deliver a swift blow to my knee caps. With my quick reflexes, I jumped out of the way, Monster immediately taking action by firing off a Psybeam.

What happened next was no doubt the strangest occurrence of my journey so far. The Psybeam must have confused the wild Pokemon, for the Makuhita started acting very strangely. Out of nowhere, the Pokemon started trying to do what I could only describe as an odd and sluggish solo salsa dance. It twisted vibrantly. The small yellow Pokemon jiggled with pseudo-happiness and then stopped. It looked at Monster, then let out a small welp.

"Maku." The Pokemon appeared to be sad, for it slumped to its knees in front of us and began wailing.


I scratched my head in embarrassment. This Pokemon surely was an oddity.


"Monster, finish it with a Water Pulse!" I commanded. Monster reared up in front of the sumo wrestler and blasted a strong jet of water right to the face. The Makuhita's wailing only got more intense. At this, I threw a Poke Ball straight at the human-shaped Pokemon. It collided straight with its belly and begun to wobble vigorously when it landed onto the ground beneath it.

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