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Default Re: Route 1

Official's Post (mintyjelly, Typhlosion Explosion, Metal Gear Snivy):

Jackson gets closer to your Pokemon to inspect them. He turns to mintjelly first.

"Oh my goodness, is that a Ralts? They're pretty popular back in Hoenn! And I imagine it'll work pretty well with that Mincinno too! Awesome combination."

Jackson appears to be pretty impressed with your Pokemon. "Here, take this."

He hands you a small black orb. Minty has received a Luxury Ball!

He turns to Corey next. He crouches down and stares your Cyndaquil and Meowth right in the eyes.

"Hmm. Well, Cyndaquil is one of Birch's Johto starter Pokemon. Meowth is pretty ugly, but I suppose it can work well with Cyndaquil. Meh, take this."

Jackson appears to be slightly neutral towards your duo. Still, he grants you the same gift as Minty. Corey has received a Luxury Ball!

Finally, the young trainer turns to Quinn.

"A Snivy and a Pidgey? Ugh. I've no idea how a snake can work well with a bird. Neither of them are even from Hoenn - so not cool." After this comment, Jackson turns around and walks away from the group.

"See you later."

Welcome to the world of Pokemon. Where punks are around every corner. At least they're charitable punks.
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