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Official's Post (Open to all):


You guys eventually catch up to Jackson. At first you see him panting and cursing those idiotic flying beetles or something, but suddenly he recognises your existence and his whole demeanour changes.

"Sup, guys!" He says to you, trying to maintain a blush. "Thanks for your help earlier, but I really didn't need it. My own Pokemon could have handled that situation far better."

What an insolent little brat, hmm?

"Oh, hey!" He suddenly says to you, bending down to your Pokemon's level. "If you guys have two Pokemon, let me see them! I'm a co-ordinator and I'd love to judge the compatibility of your Pokemon!"

Don't ask me what his criteria for compatibility is. It could be anything. Anything. Who knows what he's asking for? But if you have two Pokemon, you should probably show them to him.
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