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Default Re: Route 2

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Trying to figure out where I am.

After travelling along the new path I discovered, I came across a young man. I stopped to ask him for directions.

"Oh? To the west is Sunburst Village," he told me politely, before bounding away without a care in the world. I decided to go west towards the village - it'd be nice to discover new places.

I walked for quite a while when I realised a village was nowhere in site. I pulled out my PokeGear to find out where the odd shortcut had taken me. The signal was weak so I had to wait several minutes. Expecting to discover a small settlement just ahead of me, I was surprised when I found out I was actually on Route 2.

"Wha?" It appears the young gentleman had pointed me in the wrong direction. Tired, I stopped to rest. Monster and Etitymin rested beside me, just in case of an emergency.

Entered Route 2 from Route 1.

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