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Official's Post (Open to all):


Okay, so your great plan to save Jackson was to attack the Beedrill head on. Bare in mind, this is a swarm of about 20+ Beedrill you're dealing with here. Corey's Cyndaquil manages to take out one or two with its Flame Wheel, and Quinn's Snivy has infected one with a Leech Seed. Hey, at least you've distracted some of their attention from Jackson. A few of them turn to face you, buzzing angrily and ready to fight.

However, some genius decides to use their Pidgey to use a Wing Attack at the Weedle nest. The nest falls from the tree and many Weedle tumble out, some being unconcious and some not. So, your great plan of action was to destroy the very thing that the Beedrill were trying to protect. What on earth were you thinking?

Forget Jackson. The Beedrill have a new target.

x 20
Annoyed and very angry. Attacking the trainers. Cannot be caught.

x 10
Wriggling around on the floor. Cannot be caught.

Looks like you guys need a new plan.
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