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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Entering Route 1

Sarah entered Route 1 from Andromeda Town.

Sarah and Aster walked side by side onto the first Route of the Celestia Region. A rocky outcrop towered over her to the left and trees lined the right side of the path. Behind her, Sarah could still hear the ocean.

"No one else is here, Aster. I guess they must be way ahead of us by now!" Not that she minded, she knew that they would catch up with the other trainers eventually. Maybe then they could have a battle.

They continued up the path, Aster stopped every few moments to sniff a flower or take a big breath of fresh air.

"You've never left the lab before, have you?" Sarah asked.

"Saur, bulba," Aster replied, dancing around her feet.

"I guess you're just as excited as I am! Now keep your eyes out for any wild Pokemon, okay?"
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