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Default You're Using THAT Pokemon?

Call me old fashion, but my friends and I have the hobby of raising up our RBY and GSC teams to 100 and having competitive battles. In a metagame dominated by Chansey, Alakazam, Dragonite, and later Tyrantitar and Skarmory, I make a point to win using pokemon that others would pass of off as a joke; originality is just important to me. I just started a new file on my Crystal Version a few weeks ago, and I got my first level 100 today in the form of a Quagsire. In my Yellow Version, my team members include Kangaskhan, Tangela, and Cloyster.

In Crystal, Quagsire is the only Water/Ground type. While this gives him the incredible disadvantage to grass types, and if looking for a water most would opt for a Starmie or maybe a Slowbro, he is a high HP (393 to be exact) bulky water, with a decent attack and a STAB Earthquake that nobody would want to switch into. Are there any pokemon that you use on your teams that, although they are not the strongest, you use to surprise your opponents and win?
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