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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Minako
Currently: Talking to Quinn and Corey; came across a wild Sunkern.

Minako gets off the ground after tripping over the mysterious plant. "What the...Hey, it's a Sunkern! Okay, Marley, you ready for this?" Minako said. *"Y'all Ready for This?" plays in the background*

Marley barks and prepares to battle.

"Alright, Marley! Let's start this by using Crunch!" Minako shouts. Marley runs towards the adorable little Sunkern and Crunches it. Sunkern wobbles back and is currently flinching from the attack.

Sunkern continues to flinch as Minako orders Marley to attack. Marley is more than ready to unleash some more power.

"Marley, use Reversal!" Minako shouted. Marley uses Reversal on the poor Sunkern. It wobbles onto its back and tries to stand back up.

"Now's our chance! Go, Pokeball!" Minako throws a Pokeball at the dazed Sunkern. The ball shakes once, twice, 3 times, and...
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