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Default Re: Route 1

Minako and I finish our third battle, getting ready for more, when suddenly, a Minccino walks out of the bush! It has a little scrape on it's are, but it is still determined to pick a fight.

"Cyndaquil, can you fight anymore?"


"I'll take that as a yes! C'mon little buddy, get in there!"

Minccino starts off with Attract, putting Cyndaquil in her trance.

"Cyndaquil! Quick, snap out of it and use Leer!"

Cyndaquil shakes his head and intimidates Minccino with Leer. Minccino still determined.

"Cyndaquil, now use Flame Wheel!"

Cyndaquil rolls into a ball of fire, and rolls towards Minccino. He barley scrapes her tail.

Miiiinccino! Minccino charms Cyndaquil back into infatuation. She then Tail Slaps poor little Volcano.

"Volcano!! Are you okay?!"

I dash into the battle field and pick Volcano up and lay him on my shoulder. "Rest here, we'll let Purra finish this. C'mon Purra! Take the stage!"

Meow! Meowth! Th! Meeeow!

Purra appeared on the field licking her paws. She looks annoyed. Minccino seems a bit thrown off.

"Purra, use Screech!"

Purra stood up and analyzed Minccino. She then let out a shrieking screech, Harshly lowering the Chinchilla Pokemon's defenses.

"Use Foul Play, now!"

Purra disperses into the shadows, making her presence unknown. hen she suddenly pops out into the light and hits Minccino full force.

"This is my chance! Go, Pokeball!"

The KOed Minccino is sucked into the ball, and I watch as it wobbles slowly.
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