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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I watch the little Meowth's reaction. It taunts him, he can't seem to resist.

"Cyndaquil, get 'em!"

Cynda! CyndaQUUUUUUIL!

Cyndaquil's flame flares up more intense then I've ever seen it. Cyndaquil wants this. I want this.

"Cyndaquil, intimidate it with Leer!"

Cyndaquil's eyes slant, scaring the Meowth.

Meowth dashes back with Scratch.

"Cyndaquil, quick! Use Quick Attack to dodge, then counter with Flame Wheel!"

Cyndaquil barely scrapes by, and then rolls into a ball of pure fire. The Meowth didn't react quick enough.

"Now finish it with another Flame Wheel!"

Cyndaquil swiftly turns, knocking the Meowth to it's knees. Meowth smiles at me, ready to see if I can capture it.

"PokeBall, GO!"

I throw the PokeBall as best as I could, and it manages to tap Meowth on the head. The PokeBall wobbles back and fourth, and the tension is thick.
Official's Post:

The Meowth was already weakened from its earlier bout with Quinn. It slumps to the floor, which is when you cruelly bonk it on the head with an orb. That's the second time today that's happened to it. The poor thing must have a headache.

The ball encloses around the Pokemon. It shakes.


Corey has captured the Meowth!
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