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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer:Corey Ty
Currently: Talking to Eti, Quinn and Minty.

"Ah, everything is quiet. I wonder what happened to Sarah and Aster! I hope to see her here soon! Here Cyndaquil, you've battled hard. Jump back on my shoulder and rest!"


Cyndaquil jumps back on my shoulder.
Official's Post:

You look at all of the amazing Pokemon everyone has caught. Quinn has a Pidgey. Eti has a Rattata. Minty has a Mincinno.

And you have a big fat nothing.

But that's okay! Because not everybody can be winners, right? Somewhere along the line, there must be one who struggles behind. But guess what?

That's not you.

Back from within the trees, the Pokemon that Quinn battled earlier has returned. It has healed. And it wants revenge. It taunts your Cyndaquil, urging it to battle.

A wild Meowth has appeared!

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