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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Battling Rattata.

The gang and I continued to walk, when all of a sudden a wild Rattata came bursting out of the bush to my left. It seemed to be me that it was challenging.

"Don't worry, guys," I said to my friends, winking confidently at them. "Me and Monster will take this one."

Monster, hearing me mention her name, wriggled very slowly towards the Rattata, setting itself in place for the battle. The Rattata appeared to cackle madly at this, laughing at my Finneon's movement.

"Don't take any hassle from anyone!" I yell to her. "Quick, use Attract!"

The Finneon winked seductively at the rat Pokemon. Pink hearts flew out from the Monster's body and circled Rattata. They then collided with the purple rodent. The Rattata was immediately under our spell.

"Good job, Monster!" I called to my companion, cheering it on. However, it was at this moment that the Rattata leapt forward, chomping down hard on Monster's soft body. A Bite attack. Monster winced in pain, but intuitively fired a Water Pulse at the rat's direction. It sent gushing water straight into the mammal, firing its body into a nearby tree trunk. The wild Pokemon looked dazed.

"Freeze it in place with an Aurora Beam!"

I wondered if this was overkill. Monster fired many multicolour rays at the near unconscious body by the tree. Rattata immediately froze in place.

I plucked a Poke Ball from my belt and hurled it towards the Rattata. Hopefully I'd have more luck than Quinn did.
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