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Eevee found 10 stars on 29/09/2012 on Route 1
Caught pidgey on route 1 on 1/10/2012
Caught Goldeen in Navi town on 3/10/2012
Pidg Found Netball on route 3
Eveevee Found 15 stars on route 3 on the 05/10/2012
Caught Nincada in Route 3 on the 04/10/2012
Caught Poochyena in route 3 on the 06/10/2012
Caight Shuppet in Route 4 on the 08/10/2012
Ninacada Vomited 10 stars
Tiny found a Great Ball and 10 stars
Bought Mareep and Pansaur from ranch
got Shuppet from egg vouncher
Won Zentih town gym 25/10/12
Net ball x 1
Great Ball X 5
160 stars from the Miasma
3x dream balls
got Hm defog
found nestball
Bought Panpour and Totodile
Got a fire Stone chrismas gift
Friend ball Chrismas gift
20 stars Chrismas gift
bought running shoes amd tm 4o aerial aces
tm sunny day and frostbreath chrismas gift
Evoution Pass Chrismas gift
Wolfe Evolved 23/12/2012
Bought a Good rod for 20 stars 27/12/2012
Caught a Buixel On Eventide Beach 27/12/2012
Caught a Shellder On Eventide Beach 28/12/2012

Key item
Old Rod
Running Shoes
Good Rod

Net ball x 1
Great Ball X 3
Dream Balls X 3

Fire Stone

TM66 Payback
TM 19 telkenes
TM 29 Psychic
Tm 40 Aerial Ace
TM 59 Rock Tomb
Tm 79 Frostbreath
TM Sunny Day

Hm Defog

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