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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Ichiru Kagami from District Three/ Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Michael Knight from District Two/ Caitlyn Walker from District Seven
Lunch Room

Only a few hours later, the tributes were sent back to their rooms, where they were to get ready for lunch. Michael and Kiseki had spent their remaining training time with Caroline and Jeremy, and after his chat with Matt, Ichiru had joined them after a few moments of thinking on the roof. He had been a little surprised to find that Michael had already been accepted into an alliance with the rest of them, but after being around the blonde haired boy for only a little while, he could see why.

Now, after showering and having his prep team fuss over his hair and face - which probably took longer than it should have due to his stubbornness - he chose the closest thing to what he normally wore back home from the selection of clothes in his room, which happened to be a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans.

With the deal he’d made with Matt hanging over his head, he had to admit he didn’t really feel like being around the other tributes right now, especially since he knew that he would want to talk to him about the plan, and just him talking with Matt would probably bring about suspicion in itself. He had to think of some way to warn the others about what Matt was planning before they got into the arena.

He glanced around the room just before leaving and noticed a small notepad lying on a desk nearby. After looking through the drawers, he managed to find some pens, which brought him to smirk.

It took less time for Kiseki to get ready, considering he hadn’t put up a fight when the prep team was fixing his hair, although he already knew that despite their best efforts it was going to do what it wanted to do. Once they had left him by himself again, he changed into a red shirt t-shirt with dark sleeves and something like a cross on the side in black, along with a pair of grayish jeans. At least he had the freedom to choose his own outfit this time…

When meeting up with Caroline and Stefan to go down to the lunch room, he couldn’t keep the blush from appearing on his face. In a way he was glad that Ichiru or Michael weren’t there, because they would have no doubt noticed and teased him.

He followed his partner and mentor to the lunch room where the other tributes were already gathered, noticing that Michael was already there, dressed in a simple white shirt and blue jeans. The blonde spotted him and Caroline as they made their way over to where the food was a smiled, bringing Kiseki to return it. Although he joined them, he didn’t really say much, which Kiseki found odd since he had been so sociable a few hours ago. Maybe he was just tired? Kiseki certainly was, and this was only their first day here.

He noticed Ichiru come in as well, but somehow the older twin seemed upset or stressed over something. He had been that way ever since he had come back from the roof. Since Ashley had come back before him earlier, he couldn’t help but wonder if something had happened between the two of them.

“One of the best things about this place is the food..” Michael finally spoke after they had taken a seat with their food, snapping Kiseki out of his thoughts. However, the blonde’s attention went to Keiru and Amelia, who were sitting alone at separate tables. Why weren’t they sitting together? Had something happened?

“Yeah, we’ve never had anything like this in District Four.” Kiseki responded to Michael wit a chuckle. The blonde tore his gaze away from where it had rested on Amelia and looked back at Kiseki, whose attention had shifted to Caroline when he noticed her looking at Ashley. He could easily see her concern, and it was understandable that she had it, with what they had been told earlier, along with everything that had happened so far.

“Do you want to go sit with them?” He asked softly as he looked back at his partner. “It might ease your worries a little if we’re right there with them.”

Caitlyn couldn’t help but be irritated upon her arrival in the lunch room, and somehow the presence of her partner wasn‘t helping. Her prep team had forced her into a strapless dark blue dress that fell down to just above her knees in layers, along with a pair of black heels. Oh how much she hated heels. Jason had gotten to wear whatever he wanted, and hadn’t bothered to hold back on his sarcastic comments on Caitlyn’s attire.

As the two walked over to get their food, Caitlyn spotted Keiru sitting by himself at a table with two Peacekeepers nearby, which confused her. Amelia was sitting by herself as well, which she found unusual. When she had spoken with her at the archery station before, she had figured that she was probably shy or didn’t socialize much, but she had expected her to at least stay with Keiru.

After a moment’s pause, the brunette walked over to where he sat and took a seat across from him, noticing that he had already finished his food.

“Well someone was hungry. Or else I‘m really late.” She commented with a smile as her gaze flickered to Jason, who was scowling at the two of them as he got his own food. Somehow she didn’t feel comfortable around him, which was strange. You would think that she would feel more comfortable around her own partner than a stranger who everyone else seemed to think was homicidal. She pushed these thoughts away, averting her gaze from Jason as he walked over to sit with Daniel at an empty table and looking back at Keiru as her smile turned into a smirk. “I managed to get three out of five shots earlier, by the way. Looks like I won the bet.”

OOC: Because I know my bad description did horribly at it, here’s what Caitlyn is wearing (although I made it longer xD):

I also apologize for this suckish post. OTL
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