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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Exploring Andromeda Town

Sarah exited Professor Cedar's lab and stepped back into the warm sun. It was still pretty early and she couldn't wait to get going. She grabbed Bulbasaur's Pokeball from her belt and released her new Pokemon.

"Hi Bulbasaur, I'm your new trainer," Sarah said. "You're so cute! I'm going to call you Aster."

"Bulba! Bulba saur!" Aster replied shyly. From the way it looked around almost nervously, it was clear that the Bulbasaur had been hatched only recently.

"You're only a baby, aren't you?" Sarah reached down and scooped the little green dinosaur into her arms. "Don't worry, we're in this together now!"

Sarah noticed a couple of trainers a little further down the path and decided to introduce herself.

"Hi! Are you new trainers too? I'm Sarah and this is Aster. I don't know about you guys but I can't wait to get out there and see Celestia! Where are you heading?"
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