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Default Pokemon Outbreak Thread: Post Your Outbreaks Here!

Banner Credit goes to BotmenPls

Pokemon Outbreak Thread

Pokemon outbreaks have been along since Gen II games. Since the introduction of Wi-Fi trading in Gen IV, we have been able to trade for more Pokemon than ever before.

The purpose of this thread is to inform others on the forum of where you are experiencing an outbreak, or if you need a Pokemon only available through an outbreak, to post which outbreak Pokemon you want.

The same point system found on the main trade thread will be implemented in this thread. However, you can not combine points from both threads at this time to claim a Pokemon.


Below are two different forms. Please fill out the appropriate form correctly and post it in the thread.

Having an Outbreak

Game Version:
Route where Outbreak is Taking Place:
In-Game Name:
Friend Code:
Time Zone:

In Need of an Outbreak Pokemon

Game Version:
Outbreak Pokemon Needed:
In-Game Name:
Friend Code:
Time Zone:

Current Outbreaks

BotmenPls is having a Hypno outbreak in the Dream Yard!

In Need of an Outbreak Pokemon

None at the moment


Nobody has any points at the moment

Shun the non-believer

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