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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Are you sure you don't need any help from us?" Once the high school had let out, Kiseki and Aiden stood with the group outside. Caroline had just joined them, although she was staying late to help decorate the gym for a 40’s themed dance that Friday.

"Nah it's fine." Caroline responded to Kotomi with a smile. "Once my friends and I are finished with the gym it will look amazing."

"Okay, but just call if you need help." Kol said with a laugh, and the blonde nodded, giving Kiseki a kiss before returning to the school. Aiden, Kotomi and Kol started back toward the house, but Kiseki lagged behind the trio. He knew it was only staying behind to help with decorations for a dance with some friends - all of which Kiseki had already met before and was perfectly fine with - but he still couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Only a few feet away from the house, he heard a loud gunshot from behind him, bringing him to whip his head around to look back in the direction of the school. The others had already gone back to the house, and since they weren’t at his side, that meant they hadn’t heard.

Without another thought, he used his Vampire speed to run back to the school. He could heard music coming from the gym where the others were gathered, and Caroline’s car was still there. However, the item he saw on the ground near the car made his heart sink as he walked over and knelt down to pick it up.

Instantly, his eyes turned a pale green and glazed over, and he saw an image of the very dart in his hand hitting Caroline in the neck just before a man with a black mask approached her with a gun. He aimed the gun at her head, and Caroline attempted to attack him only to have a bullet embedded right in the middle of her forehead.

The shock jolted Kiseki out of the vision, and his gaze fell back on the dart in his hand, which had no doubt been a Vervain dart. But who had been the one who attacked her? He didn’t know if Vampires could be killed by something like that, unless it had been a special type of gun. He looked around for any other clues he could use as to who had attacked or where they had taken her, but there was nothing. And on top of that, he couldn’t even trace her whereabouts…

"How was school?" Isobel asked as Aiden and the others walked in, Kol and Kotomi going straight to the kitchen upon arrival while the ginger took a seat on the couch and petted Raven when she came to greet him before rushing off to the others. He had yet to notice that Kiseki hadn’t returned with them…

"It was good, though I have so much homework that I should get started on." Kotomi responded to her mother with a sigh, bringing Isobel to chuckle.

"Where's Caroline?" Lexi asked in confusion when seeing the blonde absent from the group.

"She's staying after school with some friends to help set up the dance for Friday." Kol responded.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Damon said as he stood up from the couch and stretched, then looking over to Diana with a smirk. "Do you want to tell them or should I?"

"Tell us what?" Kotomi asked as Aiden took his gaze away from the window and looked at the two in question.

"Well... I'm pregnant with Mason's baby." Diana responded nervously. Aiden looked at her with shock, along with Kotomi and Kol.

"That's awesome!" Kotomi was the first to recover, giving a squeak of excitement as she walked over to hug Diana as Kol laughed.

"That really is awesome. Looks like we'll have another addition to the group."

“Another child for Aiden to try and ruin.” Ichiru teased as he looked at the ginger, who gave him a smirk in response.

“They love me for it though, don’t they?”

"Oh, there's more." Damon said, bringing Aiden’s attention back to him as Kotomi released Diana.

"The other thing is... Damon and I are together now as a couple." The young Witch said.

"What about Mason though?" Kotomi asked.

"If Mason truly cares about Diana then he'll want her to be happy." Ashley said, and Aiden nodded along with Kotomi and Kol. Ashley did have a point there.

"I can't wait for Caroline to hear the news." Kol chuckled, and a smile returned to Aiden’s face at the thought of the blonde’s reaction.

“She and Kiseki would probably have the most entertaining reactions.” He said with a laugh. It was then that he realized he hadn’t heard Kiseki say anything since they had walked in, when he certainly would have reacted to Diana being pregnant.

Ichiru noticed this as well, and a concerned expression came onto his face as he glanced around the room along with Aiden.

“Where is Kiseki?”

“He was right behind us on the way here…” Aiden met Ichiru’s gaze, his expression now mirroring the younger teen’s. “Maybe he decided to stay behind with Caroline?”

“He would have said something.” Ichiru said as he rose from where he had been sitting on the couch.

“Don’t get worked up over it, he may just be loitering around outside or something.” Aiden tried to calm Ichiru down when sensing his emotions shifting. The dark haired Vampire was obviously not convinced or calmed down in the least, this being proven when he headed for the door.

“I’m going to check.”

Silence fell over the room as the door shut behind Ichiru before Aiden rose as well. He could understand Ichiru’s concern, considering the stressful past the group had. It was perfectly understandable why anyone would get worried or upset over someone missing.

“I’m going with him.” With that, he left the house as well, following Ichiru to the school, where they spotted the dark haired teen on his knees near Caroline’s car.

“Kiseki?” Ichiru called his name in alarm, the two running over to the younger twin, who looked up at them with a startled expression, having not sensed them there. Ichiru instantly noticed the blood coming from his brother’s nose, as well as the glazed look in his eyes. “What happened? Are you okay?” He looked at the dart in Kiseki’s hand. “Is that a Vervain dart?”

“Yeah.” Kiseki rose to his feet with a bit of difficulty, supporting himself on Caroline’s car once he was on his feet. “Something happened to Caroline.”


“I heard a gunshot while we were on the way home, so I came back here. I found this dart on the ground, and when I touched it, I saw a vision of a guy in a black mask attacking Caroline. He shot her with this dart first and then again with a gun when she tried to attack him.” Ichiru and Aiden looked at the dart in Kiseki’s hand as he explained what had happened to them. “I tried tracking her down, but I can’t get past the street outside the parking lot.” He looked back up at them with a pained expression that even Aiden knew had to have been out of sheer worry. “We have to find her. There’s no telling what he could be doing to her.”

“We will.” Ichiru reassured his brother as Kiseki finally wiped the blood away from his nose. “For now you need to get back to the house and rest. You used too much power trying to find Caroline.”


“You won’t be any good to the search if you pass out in the middle of it.” Ichiru spoke more firmly as he helped Kiseki away from the car, the younger twin clearly still lightheaded. “We’ll see if Bonnie can find anything while you rest. Now come on.”

Kiseki still looked like he wanted to protest, but gave a sigh instead, using his Vampire speed to return to the house with the others.
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