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Richard Thompson
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Richard visibly relaxed. He had been worried for a second there. To make things even better, they were now rounding the northernmost point of Defender Island. In the distance, Richard could see the coast of Prophet Island, a little bit more than a blur on the horizon. At this speed, they might make Sunfire Island by sunset, and reach the coast of Alacan Valley by dawn tomorrow. If they kept moving, at least.

It was then that crew members started approaching him, as the Serperior slithered off to do her ordered task. First the Cinccino, Desi. The fact that the older Pokemon saluted him made the Buizel feel odd, but he said nothing. Not really one for words, the Cinccino simply asked for his orders.

"Take stock of our rations, I want to know how many crew members we need to dedicate to resupplying while we search for Zerua," Richard answered.

That was a huge question in of itself. Who could he trust to come with him to Zerua, and who could he leave with the ship? The ones seemingly most loyal to him were Desi and Mercy. He wanted to take them both with him just in case worst came to worst. Despite his age, something about Jumaane made Richard want to impress him. Thus, the aging Ivysaur would likely come as well.

Dodger and Arkady needed the compass as well, though they wanted it so they could find the staff of healing. They would definitely play along for now. So they would be in charge of the ship while Richard was gone. The Rising Sun would likely contain only a Skeleton crew. Some part of the Buizel's mind entertained giving Dodger permission to fire on any boats that attempted to make their way to the fluyt that he was not on board, to mitigate the risk of open revolt.

He dismissed that thought when it started giving him a sour taste in his mouth. He needed to trust his crew if he wanted them to trust him. Hopefully they would give him a chance to prove himself at Zerua. Coming home with the compass would hopefully align their loyalties behind him. Or at least, behind the compass.

Richard turned towards the Crandios, Vidar, when the Pokemon broke him from his thoughts. "Disembark? No, we're sailing for Prophet Island, not Defender Island."

Then Mercy called out that they would be reaching 'their destination' soon. What destination? Certainly she wasn't sailing for Rainmaker Forest? Right? He ran over to the helm.

"Miss Burnstone, where are you taking us?" he asked, quiet enough that only she would hear. "My brother's maps has us rounding Sunfire Island and landing in Alacan Valley, on Prophet Island. Surely we aren't that close already?"
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