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Vidar Omni Necro
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Flynt, Dragonwish2, Rufa, Kamaitachi

The more Lurra that he saw, the more time Vidar had to dedicate to himself. Usually, whenever someone new joins the crew, everybody greats them a warm welcome, followed by a small chance that the new person would speak with all the crewmates for anything that he could to to help. Vidar disliked talking much, as he still didn't give up on his goal, never sharing it with anyone besides the former captain, Marco. Vidar asked about the hunter, but Marco's information wasn't enough for him, and to everyone else that was looking, could seem like they were having an arguement, and he was losing it.

It didn't take long until Marco disappeared, only to be replaced by one of his family members. Vidar didn't mind the change, despite holding back quite a lot of feelings at the young captain. He decided that saying nothing would be the best thing to do now, but as he always did, he has to do it. He slightly approached to the anchor, where currently nobody was stationed at.

"Sir. Are we ready to disembark?" Vidar asked straight away, even though he knew what the answer would be, he waited just to be curious of what he would say. Still deciding to keep interaction to a minimum, and now that the ship is closer to the island, Vidar made sure that his thoughts wouldn't leave his mind, as much wild as they got.

Defender Island was very 'alien' for the Cranidos, as Vidar thought about what would happen if his tribe was there. Before waking up, he had a dream about one of the trainings he went with the hunter. This specific one took place when they pillaged a messenger on his way to deliver a message to a royalty. The messenger was a Cranidos, but Vidar didn't show him any mercy, neither did the hunter. Before the hunter had any chance of taking the messenger's life, Vidar learned that the messenger himself was from Defender Island, but didn't have any sort of transportation. The message was never delivered, and it wasn't something he could read at that time, but he only recognised one small thing in the message.

Vidar stopped day-dreaming, and returned to his previous stance. He feared what would happen if he ever meets anyone, but would take the risk if needed to. Truthfully, he hoped that the 'Necro' part in his own name was just fake, despite the many signs he encountered throughout the years.
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